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How To Prepare For Your First Life Coaching Session

A life coach values both your and their time. To get the most out your first session, there is some prep work that you should do. This will help get you and your coach on the same page faster so that you can move out of the planning phase and onto the actual work much faster.

Your life coach may provide you with a questionnaire or a list of tasks that you should complete. While, there are no hard and fast rules regarding preparation and every coach will have a different way of starting off, below are some tasks that you may want to complete in preparation for your first session:

1. Questions And Queries

Make a list of questions and queries that you may have for your life coach about the process and anything else that may concern you. Leave your questions till the last 10 or so minutes of the session. You may find that most of your questions are answered and your concerns addressed during the session.

2. Materials

You can either go the old-fashioned route of taking a pen and pad of paper to take notes during the session or you can go digital and record the entire session. Recording the session is recommended as you can really dedicate your focus and attention on what the life coach is saying while ensuring that you miss absolutely nothing. You can always take written notes from the voice or even video recording at a later date.

3. Write Down Your Expectations

If your life coach does not provide you with a printed questionnaire to complete, answer the following questions before your first session to provide both you and your coach with a better idea of where you are and where you are headed:

– Why have you chosen life coaching at this specific point in your life?
– Do you have a skill or talent that you wish to hone?
– Are there any dreams or goals that you feel that you have given up on?
– What inspires you and what motivates you?
– If you could have anything, what would that be? In life or business/career.
– What do you expend most of your time and energy on?
– In which areas of your life are you most irresponsible?
– How much of your life is how you want it to be?
– What is the greatest opportunity before you right now? What could you be risking to take that opportunity?
– List 3 expectations that you have for life coaching?
– What behaviors or obstacles might you use to sabotage or impeded the life coaching process?
– What would cause you to end the life-coaching relationship?
– What your life coaching preferences? How would you like to be coached?
– What is the most important thing your life coach needs to know about you?

There may be additional questions that you may want to add to this list to provide your coach with as much information as possible? On the other hand, it is recommended to be brief and not to get too involved or detailed. Your coach will let you know where a little more info will be helpful and you can fill out those details in your first session. Keep in mind that you don’t have to complete the questionnaire or other prep work that your coach has assigned. This in itself can tell a coach much about you according to Doreen Ritchie Life Coach.

5. Open Your Mind

Go into your first session with an open mind and don’t be burdened by too many expectations or preconceived notions. If you have never been to a life coach before, you simply cannot know what to expect. If you have had a life coach in the past, remember that every life coach is different and has a different process.

Life Coaching

Fulfilling Your Potential with a Life Coach

We expect so much from ourselves in the modern world where everything is so fast and so immediate, and where our environment encourages us to constantly compare ourselves to others, or where we could or should be, that sometimes things can be a little overwhelming.

And that is why having a confidential, trustworthy life coach that you can bounce your feelings and ideas of can be so important. Achieving a little objectivity and a less biased perspective can give things a whole different look, as we will be explaining further.